Expanding Digital Footprint Of Human Resource Management



Brite Consult – a leading HR consultancy & advisory firm based in Qatar- offers tailor-made services like talent acquisition, psychometric assessments, career management, and coaching clients all over the world. Their success stories span across diverse industries such as petroleum, beverages, electronics, group holdings, and more. With the target audience being so wide, Brite Consult sought the help of CodeRelix to expand its digital footprint.

Limited Online Visibility: Our client was struggling to reach a larger audience due to an underdeveloped social media marketing strategy. There was a pressing need to expand their presence across various platforms and improve email marketing efforts to engage more potential customers.

Brand Identity and Recognition: The client’s brand lacked a cohesive visual identity. The recent change in the logo colors to blue and orange needed to be effectively enforced across all platforms to strengthen brand recognition and create a unified visual presence.

SEO Strategy: The company website was not optimized for search engines, resulting in low traffic. There was a significant need to enhance the website’s SEO to improve its search engine rankings and attract more visitors.

Our Solution​

Our team of digital marketers and graphic designers worked closely with Brite Consult and were able to come up with a comprehensive plan to solve the above-mentioned problems.

Website Quality Assurance and Optimization
Brand Logo Redesign and Branding Package
Social Media Marketing
Comprehensive SEO Strategy Implementation
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Through a collaborative effort, CodeRelix and Brite Consult achieved remarkable results within six months. The partnership depicts the power of strategic digital solutions in improving brand visibility, engagement, and overall business success. As Brite Consult continues to evolve in the digital landscape, this case study stands as a testament to the transformative impact of tailored digital strategies in driving meaningful outcomes.

Project Highlights

Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation
Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation
The tailor-made strategies helped Brite Consult stand out amongst the competition thus helping them perform better and boosting their business in terms of acquiring clientele.
Website Optimization and SEO
Website Optimization and SEO
The changes made to the website optimized and increased user activity, user friendliness and overall online performance. The website optimization we implemented helped the business achieve a professional online presence that perfectly suited its needs.