Our client, a prominent wholesaler brand for FMCG products based in Goa, operates as a giant distributor across the whole of Goa. With a diverse customer base including hotels, retailers, and individual buyers, they aimed to streamline their ordering process and enhance customer satisfaction by transitioning to an online e-commerce system. We had to design a system that was able to project different prices to the respective clients, as their profit/saving percentage for the same products varied.

Below is the list of challenges our client was facing:

Our Solution

Our IT consultancy collaborated closely with the client to understand their needs and challenges. We then proceeded with software development, crafting a bespoke e-commerce solution using Laravel, a robust PHP framework, to address the client’s requirements effectively.

  • User Segmentation
  • Flexible Delivery Options
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing/Payment Module


User Segmentation:

  • User 1: Individuals ordering from the wholesaler’s desk.
  • User 2: Retailers ordering in bulk with slightly higher discounts.
  • User 3: Hotels and restaurants requiring timely delivery and competitive pricing.


Flexible Delivery Options:

  • User 1: Guaranteed delivery within a 10 km radius within 2 hours.
  • User 2: Delivery within 2-4 hours for bulk orders.
  • User 3: Prompt delivery with pricing tailored between retail and desk rates.


Inventory Management:

  • Real-time stock tracking to prevent stockouts and optimize inventory levels.
  • Automated alerts for low stock items to facilitate timely replenishment.


Billing/Payment Module:

  • Seamless billing system integrated into the platform for easy invoicing.
  • Online payment gateway integration for secure transactions.
Project Info


Cloud Software


Queen Wholesale Store


Retail, eCommerce




The successful collaboration with the wholesaler brand in Goa exemplifies the transformative power of tailored e-commerce solutions.


By addressing challenges such as diverse customer segments, inventory management, billing, and scalability, we were able to deliver a comprehensive and efficient e-commerce system.


The results speak for themselves: enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, better inventory management, streamlined billing processes, and scalability for future growth.

This case study underscores the importance of strategic planning, robust development, and client-focused solutions in achieving digital success and operational excellence in the modern business landscape. CodeRelix remains committed to driving digital transformation and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Project Highlights

User Segmentation
User Segmentation
The system's ability to distinguish between different users based on their credentials.
Billing/Payment Module
Billing/Payment Module
The system's ability to handle systematic online and offline billing and invoicing.