Namastey Jobs: A New Age Recruitment Portal



“Does everything have to be digital?” Is a question everyone has been grappling with for a while. However, it is universally agreed upon that the task of searching for a job or a perfect candidate can often be equivalent to chasing a mirage in a desert. Therefore, Namaste HR decided to team up with Code Relix to create a cutting-edge automated centralized portal which cleared the old methods by a mile. This innovative platform transformed the recruitment process, making it efficient and seamless.


Here are some of the major challenges faced by our client:

Lack of Centralized Recruitment System: The employers as well as employees relied heavily on the traditional methods to collect data. This involved a lot of paperwork, manual tracking etc. which increased the chance of errors and were painstakingly slow.

Limited Reach and Visibility:  The clients were limited to a certain pool of candidates or job opportunities as the traditional methods more often than not did not reach the target audience.

Inadequate Data Management and Analysis: The process of identifying any potential trends with respect to job opportunities was tedious as the data collected was spread across multiple forms and applications.

Our Solution​

Here are the solutions offered by our software development team:

Centralized Recruitment Portal
Efficient Application Management
Data Management and Analysis
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With help from CodeRelix, Namastey HR has been able to simplify processes for both their team and their clients. This achievement is a significant milestone in the hospitality industry, demonstrating how the portal’s ongoing development is transforming traditional methods.


This case study serves as evidence of how digitalizing conventional approaches can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately lead to improved recruitment outcomes.

Project Highlights

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Streamlining the initial stages of the recruitment process fostered easy access to the data by the clients thus reducing the amount of time spent on this.
Centralized Recruitment Portal
Centralized Recruitment Portal
The centralized system facilitated a common space for both employees as well as employers thus making communication easier.